Warranty Extensions & Upgrades | Dell USA (2024)

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Intel® Core™ Processors

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Warranty Extensions & Upgrades | Dell USA (3)

Looking to extend your warranty?

Renew Online Call to Renew Chat with Agent

  • Windows Home Support
  • Windows Pro Support
  • Enterprise Support
  • Managing Multiple Vendors
  • Enhanced Support Options

Minimise Expenses

Spend less on repairs when technology issues arise and spread costs out with flexible billing.

Mitigate Risk

Avoid lapses in protection and reduce downtime with 24x7 support.


Consolidate support across multiple devices and multiple OEMs.

Which support option should I choose?

Learn More

Warranty Extensions & Upgrades | Dell USA (4)

Enjoy peace of mind and keep your computer performing at its best.

  • Extend Dell Premium Support Plus service, with AI virus and malware removal to address issues before they become big problems.

    Always on the move? Continue protecting your system from life’s little mishaps with Accidental Damage Service.

  • Bring your digital life over to your new PC with Dell Migrate.
  • Finance your warranty extension today with Dell Preferred Account.

Learn more about Windows Home Support

Renew Onlineor call 800-348-6147

Service Contract Extensions and Upgrades for Windows Pro

Warranty Extensions & Upgrades | Dell USA (5)

Keep your business up and running, while minimising unexpected repair expenses.

  • Extend your service contract to minimise downtime and maintain peak performance.
  • ProSupport Infrastructure Suite helps reduce downtime by getting in front of potential issues with AI-driven technology, proactive insights and 24x7 support.
  • Spread the cost of an extension or upgrade over time with flexible billing options.

Learn more about Windows Pro Support

Renew Onlineor call 877-829-8323

Warranty Extensions & Upgrades | Dell USA (6)

Dell Technologies offers a broad portfolio of services designed to help protect aging IT assets and simplify support operations.

  • Maximise ROI by focusing limited IT resources on strategic initiatives while we handle support for your Dell hardware.
  • Extend ProSupport Infrastructure Suite for PCs or in the data centre, enabling continued access to software updates, security patches, engineering resources and genuine parts.
  • Leverage AI-driven adaptive insights and proactive, predictive, automated support to get in front of issues before they become major problems.
  • Pay in monthly installments and lock in pricing for multi-year contracts with Flexible Billing. Download Flexible Billing Whitepaper
  • Leverage Post Standard Support in the data centre as a short-term.

Managing Multiple Vendors

Warranty Extensions & Upgrades | Dell USA (7)

Multivendor Support Service simplifies support operations and unlocks valuable IT resources for strategic projects.

  • Consolidate hardware maintenance for storage, servers and networking from major manufacturers through Dell Technologies.
  • Simplify operations and reduce overhead of managing multiple support vendors and contracts.
  • Achieve globally consistent support in 170+ countries while addressing budget constraints.

To renew your existing service contract & learn more about Multivendor Support in the data centre, contact your Dell Technologies representative

Learn more about Enterprise Support Services

Dell Migrate

Download Brochure

Extended Battery Service

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Keep Your Hard Drive

Download Brochure

Intel® Core™ Processors

Learn More about Intel

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Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.

Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.

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Warranty Extensions & Upgrades | Dell USA (2024)
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