Free Food - Freestore Foodbank - Charity Helping Hunger in Cincinnati 🍏 (2024)

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Upcoming Food Distributions

Upcoming Food


List of dates, times and locations.

Find Food

Produce Pop Ups in partnership with Anthem®

According to the USDA, half of every meal you eat should be made up of fruits and vegetables. However, many families have a difficult time easily accessing fresh fruits and vegetables. Freestore Foodbank is working to change this. Produce Pop Ups in partnership with Anthem® bring a variety of [...]

VA Clinic

SIGN UP Throughout its first year, the mobile pantry was organized in the hospital auditorium once a month. Patients who were identified as needing help by the medical staff were invited to visit the pantry. The goal was to reach as many individuals as possible, provide nutrition to [...]

KIND Program

In January 2011, Freestore Foodbank and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Pediatric Primary Care Clinic launched Keeping Infants Nourished and Developing – also known as the KIND program. Since then, the program has expanded to 10 clinics within 4 health care systems. The program is in response to alarming [...]

Clinic Pantries

The Rubber Duck FAMILY (Food as Medicine in Low-Income Youth) Market is a pilot initiative of Freestore Foodbank and Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center with support from the Bob Edwards Fund. As part of their visit, each patient is screened for food insecurity. If [...]

Summer Meals

The Summer Meals Summer Food Service Program gives Freestore Foodbank the opportunity to serve children in need during the summer months when they are away from school. Kids ages 2-18 receive nutritious lunches prepared by Cincinnati COOKS! Childhood hunger is a reality and it exists in our own neighborhoods. [...]

Power Pack

Each Friday during the school year, Freestore Foodbank sends packs of food, known as Power Packs, home with students to ensure they have something to eat on weekends. Each Power Pack contains over a dozen food items, which are shelf-stable and kid-friendly. We think it’s important to provide children [...]

School Pantries

In many tristate communities, a large percentage of students rely on free and reduced breakfast and lunch at school, and the absence of these meals, at night, over the weekend, and during holiday breaks and summer, puts enormous strain on local families. School Pantries were designed to provide [...]

CSFP (Senior Box)

Volunteer to help pack CSFP boxes The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (Senior Box) is a Program offered in all 50 States specifically to reach seniors 60+ years old. Our partnership with The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and The Indiana Department of Health helps distribute boxes [...]

Kids Cafe

Kids Café Site Operations Kids Cafe Application Renewal (OH) Enrichment Activity Form -OH Kids Cafe General Information KY Sites Kids Cafe General Information OH Sites Sample Attendance Template Sample School School CACFP Site Visit Form Coming soon... Building for a future OH 2018 Justice For [...]

Upcoming Food Distributions

The holidays are a special time for families to gather, enjoy a meal and make lasting memories, but for our neighbors who are struggling to feed their families, the season adds additional stress and challenges. If you are in need of food, we have made it easy for you to find our Upcoming Food Distributions.

Bea Taylor Market

WE ARE OPEN! A choice pantry, much like a regular grocery store, to those in need. This means that families struggling to find vital nutrition can select the items that fit the needs of their family.

Healthy Harvest Mobile Market

The Healthy Harvest Mobile Market is a mobile grocery store bringing fresh, healthy, affordable food to Greater Cincinnati communities. The Healthy Harvest Mobile Market is a mobile grocery store bringing fresh, healthy, affordable food to Greater Cincinnati communities. The Healthy Harvest Mobile Market is a community collaboration between Freestore [...]

Free Food - Freestore Foodbank - Charity Helping Hunger in Cincinnati 🍏 (2024)


How can I get free food with no money near me? ›

Your local food bank can help you find food today, even if you need temporary help. They partner with food pantries, soup kitchens, and meal programs in your local community to give away free food. Enter your zip code to find the food bank partnering with Feeding America.

Who is the CEO of Freestore Foodbank? ›

For free. The operation continued to grow, and today we provide more than 37 million meals a year. And it all started with a man with a heart to help others. “Frank had a vision of a community that was free from want and need,” says Free store Foodbank CEO Kurt Reiser.

How can I help my local Foodbank? ›

Support your local food bank by donating food and other essentials. More people than ever are being driven to food banks and the sharp increase in people needing help is outstripping food donations. Your donations are vital to ensure food banks in our network can continue to help everyone referred to them.

How do I get a food bank voucher near me? ›

Use your postcode to find your local Trussell Trust food bank and click through to find their website and contact details. Check your local food bank website or contact them to find out how to get a food voucher.

How can I pay for food if I have no money? ›

Help paying for food
  1. See if you qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, sometimes called food stamps). If you do, you'll also find the phone number to apply for SNAP in your state.
  2. Visit to find Food / Nutrition resources in your state.

What is the best food to give to the homeless? ›

Beef Jerky -- Protein is probably the food group homeless folks have the least access to, but our bodies need it. Jerky offers a portable, shelf stable protein option that easily fits in a care package. Yogurt or Squeeze Fruit Pouches --portable and tasty, though probably only very cost-effective if purchased in bulk.

How do I access my local food bank? ›

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call 2-1-1 to speak with someone about services in your area (lines are open 24 hours a day).

What is the most effective food charity? ›

Let's discuss some of the best charities to end world hunger.
  • Action Against Hunger. Action Against Hunger has stood out as a beacon of hope for more than 40 years. ...
  • Convoy of Hope. ...
  • Feeding America. ...
  • The Bread for the World Institute. ...
  • The Hunger Project. ...
  • Heifer International.
Jan 12, 2024

When was Freestore Foodbank founded? ›

The Freestore Foodbank began in 1971. Its early beginnings come with a story – a man with a heart to help others. Frank Gerson, a worker at Cincinnati's incinerator, saw useable household items being tossed away. He began collecting those items and distributing them to disadvantaged families.

Who is the CEO of United Food Bank? ›

Jason Reed - United Food Bank | LinkedIn.

Who is the CEO of Manna Food Bank? ›

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to lead an organization so well-loved and supported by the community,” said Claire Neal.

What does the Felix project do? ›

The Felix Project collects surplus food from all parts of the food supply chain and redistributes it to community organisations and schools that use the food for social good right across London.

How do I stop donating to food for the hungry? ›

How do I pause or cancel my sponsorship? A: We understand circ*mstances can change that may need to pause or cancel your sponsorship. If this happens, please call us at 866-307-3259.

Can I donate food at Asda? ›

We have food donation trollies in stores across the UK to give customers the opportunity to support their local food bank. Whilst you're shopping, why not pick up an extra item or two that you would like to donate? Here's a suggested list of items you could donate.

What to eat when you have no food or money? ›

Cheapest Foods to Live On:
  • Oatmeal.
  • Eggs.
  • Bread.
  • Rice.
  • Bananas.
  • Beans.
  • Apples.
  • Pasta.

How to get free food hack? ›

These are the best ways to get free food and drink:
  1. Use supermarket cashback apps. ...
  2. Become a mystery diner. ...
  3. Sign up to restaurant newsletters and apps. ...
  4. Get free hot drinks from coffee shops. ...
  5. Look for food waste supermarkets. ...
  6. Use zero-waste apps to find free food near you. ...
  7. Get paid to go to the pub.
Oct 5, 2023

How do I get food freedom? ›

Practical steps towards food freedom: Making it work in your life
  1. Practice self-compassion.
  2. Follow your body's cues.
  3. Learn to enjoy eating.
  4. Add physical activity to your day.
Dec 1, 2023

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